A Traffic Ticket in Edmonton Can be Fought With Help From Got a Ticket Fight It


Get back to driving. Demerits and higher insurance rates hurt. We can help. Click for your free quote. Speeding problems? Speeding stays on your record for three years. We can help. Click for your free quote. Expert solutions. Our legal strategies for traffic infractions work. Click for your free quote.

Got a Ticket? FIGHT IT!

The Original Traffic Ticket Fighters

Getting a ticket can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it be a criminal offence*, a commercial offence, or a traffic offence Got a Ticket Fight It is here to help. You don’t need to go through it alone - our office is there to guide you through the process and be your voice. Your presence may not even be required in court with our representation.

If you have been charged, you need to know your options. Different offences and circumstances require unique approaches to ensure you are represented in the best way. Got a Ticket Fight It has the knowledge and experience to develop a strategy suited to your specific needs. Founded by a former R.C.M.P officer, the familiarity and extensive knowledge of the court system is a priceless asset in your defence.

Our first priority is to eliminate your charges entirely. Otherwise, we will negotiate with the prosecution for alternate leniencies, such as the highest reduction possible in your fine, and protecting your demerit points and licence. If you are facing possible incarceration, we will strive to keep you out of jail.

If you are innocent, we want to help. If you have been treated unfairly, we want to help. Even if you think you are guilty, we want to help! Consider Got a Ticket Fight It your best bet to beating that ticket.

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