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We are the original traffic ticket fighters, having served Edmonton for over 15 years. Our company was founded by a former R.C.M.P officer who believes Alberta motorists deserve affordable representation in court. We will go the distance for you, offering representation in Canada and the USA, and a free consultation. We are committed to providing unparalleled service at a reasonable rate. We are professional, confidential, and passionate in what we do.

We are a talented paralegal firm of traffic court agents with court experience in many different areas of practice and for many different offences. Due to our efforts, there are a number of precedent-setting cases that now exist, and we continue to build on these established advantages. Our representation will ensure you a voice in court – one that can stand up and speak for you in the most effective manner possible. As our client, your attendance may not even be required for your court day. Everything is handled by our team of dedicated professionals so you can be assured of the least stress possible when your day comes.

Our experienced team of experts represents all infractions under the Provincial Offences Act, such as speeding, impaired driving*, traffic light violations, hit and run, driving under suspension, and driving without insurance. Not only do we deal with these common traffic offences, but we can help in situations off the road, too. Personal injury, Wildlife Act Offences, and more are covered by our expertise as well.

If you have been charged with any of these violations, or a different violation under the Provincial Offences Act, call us today for your free consultation at 780 428 1000.

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