Fight Your Speeding Ticket in Edmonton Today with Confidence

Were you recently pulled over for not upholding the posted speed limit on a given road or highway? When you pay your speeding ticket’s fine, did you know that you are automatically admitting your guilt? Paying the ticket’s fine can have many serious consequences for you in the future, including demerit points counted against your driving record and even increased auto insurance rates. Many don’t fight their speeding tickets because they don’t know where to even begin. However, you can fight your speeding ticket in Edmonton today with confidence – contact Got a Ticket Fight It for our expert help in the matter!

Reasons Why You Should Consider Fighting Your Ticket

If you’ve managed to get a speeding ticket in Edmonton, here are some of the reasons why you should consider fighting it:

Insurance Rates

Once you plead guilty to a driving offence, it’s immediately on your driving record. And all it usually takes for an insurance company to raise your auto insurance rates are two minor traffic offences (like speeding tickets) that act as one major traffic offence.

Demerit Points and Driving Record

Speeding tickets always come with demerit points that count against your licence. Once you’ve accumulated too many demerit points, you may end up having your driver’s licence suspended.  Furthermore, some employers expect you to maintain a clean driving record.

Learn more about speeding tickets and the demerit penalties involved.

Police Officers Aren’t Always Right

Police officers have a lot of regulations to remember, including many traffic-related ones that can be specific to different types of roads and construction zones. Sometimes they can be wrong when they issue a speeding ticket. When this happens, we can help you get your speeding ticket eliminated from your driving record.

Future Speeding Tickets

A lot of times, your employer or insurance company may be willing to forgive one speeding ticket or driving infraction. However, should you rack up another speeding ticket in your immediate future, it can cause more problems for you if you opted not to fight the original speeding ticket.

We Can Help You Fight Your Speeding Ticket in Edmonton

When you need help fighting a speeding ticket in Edmonton, be sure to call upon Got a Ticket Fight It. As our name implies, our talented team of traffic court agents are experienced and passionate about helping our clients fight their speeding tickets and other traffic offences. If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket in the Edmonton area, contact us today via phone or email to speak with one of our agents right away! The clock is ticking. Before you decide to pay your speeding ticket’s fine, you should first find out the penalties you could be facing.