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Getting a ticket can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it be a criminal offence*, a commercial offence, or a traffic offence Got a Ticket Fight It is here to help. Got A Ticket Fight It, consists of a team of licenced paralegals with ample experience in protecting your driving record. We can provide you the best representation in court to protect your licence while saving you money. You don’t need to go through it alone. With our representation, your presence may not even be required in court. Our traffic ticket experts are there to guide you through the process and be your voice. We are your traffic ticket defense in Edmonton dealing with various cases such as impaired driving*, hit and run, careless driving, turning violations and more.

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Were you charged for driving without insurance? Do you have a ticket for speeding? If so, Got A Ticket Fight It has the right experts to help you! We make sure our clients know the options they have so they can be ready to handle any situation. Different offences and circumstances require unique approaches to ensure that you are represented in the best way. We have the knowledge and experience to develop a strategy suited to your specific needs.

Founded by a former R.C.M.P officer, the familiarity and extensive knowledge of the court system is a priceless asset in your defense.Our first priority is to eliminate your charges entirely or get the best possible outcome in the event of eminent prosecution.

If you are facing possible incarceration, we will strive to keep you out of jail. If you are innocent, we want to help. Consider Got a Ticket Fight It your traffic ticket defense in Edmonton.

Consequences of Demerit Points

Demerit points are designed to hold the drivers responsible for their actions on the road by assigning a certain number of points for the type of violations they have done. There are some consequences of getting demerit points.

Insurance Consequences

If you accumulate many tickets then you might find yourself facing non-renewal insurance from your insurance company. The firm will determine you as too high risk for them to insure thus, you may need to go for advanced car insurance scheme instead.

Licence Suspension

Your licence could be suspended if you are a in the range of 9-14 points. Once your licence is revoked you might have to attend a court hearing to talk about your driving record or get your licence reinstated.

Too many demerit points can have serious outcome. We can help you in getting out of the problem with fewer penalties. Our experienced team can guide you.

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When you need help in fighting a traffic ticket, reach out to us. We offer free consultation services that will help you know how we can fight your ticket. All your information is confidential and secure thus, don’t hesitate to call us. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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